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At HIIT4FIT, we’ve designed a number of classes for people at all levels. Whatever your goal, functional movement, competition, fitness or weight loss, HIIT4FIT has a class for you.


This involves short bursts of 80–85% exertion followed by a brief rest period. The exercises in this class are included to enhance muscle confusion and to tap into all energy systems.


Personal training is available by appointment only. Rates vary based on the instructor. A tailored program is written and implemented based on the individual’s goals and fitness level.


Welcome to The Yoga Den. You might step into HIIT4FIT for HIIT, Strength or HIITSYCLE cycling, but the den is where you refine your body and mind. We focus on creating hot yoga classes for all levels to assist in exercise recovery, building strength to enhance your workouts and flow classes to help calm your body and mind with breath. All of our hot yoga classes have infrared heat to enhance your workout even more. Hot yoga works so well because the infrared increases recovery time, decreases inflammation and many other additional benefits for overall health. Yoga 4 Fit is our foundational class. Step in and take your fitness to another level with one of our hot yoga classes.

Strength Training

Strength Training combines all the traditional Olympic barbell lifts with HIIT elements. You must be cleared by our staff to attend this class.

HIITSYCLE - Cycling Class

Embark on your cycling fitness journey through one of our amazing programs HIITSYCLE. We have a ride for you! Thru music and community we offer a low impact high intensity cycling ride workout for all fitness levels. No matter where you are on your cycling workout journey this ride promises to leave you with a sense of accomplishment, confidence and empowerment.

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